Badrinath Temple: Latest Photos(2021), Temperature, Best Hotels & More Info

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A place where millions of people come to get peace of mind and purify their soul Badrinath. It is believed that Lord Vishnu meditated under the Badri tree here due to which it gets the name as Badrinath. 

Badrinath is a Hindu shrine dedicated to Lord Vishnu which is situated in Uttrakhand. The temple is considered to be one of the temples from Char Dham Yatra. The temple is also one of the 108 Divya Desmas Dedicated to Lord Vishnu. The temple is located at an altitude of 3,330 meters/10,826 due to which Badrinath experiences an extremely cold temperature.

The temple is only opened for 6 months throughout the year, due to snow-covered on the roads and temple. The temple is located at Garwhal Hill tracks in Chamoli district at the bank of the Alaknanda river. Badrinath is mentioned in ancient religious notes like Vishnu Purana, Skanda Purana, and many more which makes it more religious and old. 

 Badrinath has been recorded as the most visited tourist place in India in 6 months ( Between the ends of April and the beginning of April). Mata Murti Ka Mela is one of the famous festivals which is celebrated in Badrinath. Usually, people visit Badrinath during this festival due to the decoration and shower of blessing by Lord Vishnu. It is believed that sculptures of Badrinath were built by the god, The 3.3 feet long statue is the center of attraction for many of the tourist.

The Tapt Kund hot springs next to Badrinath is a bathhouse in which hot water comes from the ground. Mainly the temple is divided between three parts those are Garbhagirha(sanctum), the Darshan Mandap (worship hall), and the Sabha Mandap(convection hall). 

Things to see in Badrinath Dam?


Badrinath Temple

The main temple is dedicated to Lord Vishnu, which is said to be established by Adi Shankaracharya. Lord Vishnu is worshiped in a black stone idol sitting in a meditating pose. The temple has faced many renovations due to the damage caused by Avalanches. In the 17th century, the temple got expanded by the King of Garwhal. People believe that going to Badrinath purifies the soul of the people and bless them.

Tapt Kund

After you visit the Badrinath Temple just beside that a natural thermal spring hot water Kund is present where Usually people take a dip in the water which is considered to be a holy dip so devotees participate on a large amount to bath here.

Neelkhant Peak

This peak is said to be the ‘Queen of Garwhal’ giving a huge gigantic view that serves as a background to the temple. These peaks are breath breaking photoholic people will love the place surely.

Mata Murti Mandir

It is located 4 to 5 km away from the Badrinath temple, on the bank of Alaknanda river. Every year in September a yearly fair is organized in this temple in which temple expressions a huge faithful people.

There are many more places that you must visit in the local area which you will find interesting.


Fairs And Festivals 


Badri Kedar Festival in Badrinath

The festival is celebrated in June and July in both the shrines Badrinath and Kedarnath which goes for eight days. Artists from all over the world come to show their art during this festival.

Janmasthami Festival

On the occasion of the birth of Lord, Krishna Janmashtami festival is observed in Badrinath Temple in which many people take part and enjoy the festival.

How To Reach Badrinath

The nearest railway station is at Haridwar and Dehradun from where Badrinath is 323 km beside this, the nearest Airport is Jolly Grant Dehradun 229 km away from Badrinath.

One can travel to Badrinath by bus regularly as Badrinath is well connected through Roadways. The route is very attractive and astonishing which relaxes the visitor’s mind. You must try to travel through roadways which is the shortest and best advised for you. 

Hope you enjoyed the trip and found something interesting and made your trip one of your markable journey with your family.


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