Best Yoga Pose to Boost Your Immunity During Corona Pandemic

Best Yoga pose to boost Immunity
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Yoga is regarded as the most effective and time tested immunity booster. It is always considered that having a strong immune system will provide you better health. But nowadays, during this worldwide pandemic people are becoming more and more conscious about boosting their immunity. It is scientifically proven that having a weak immune system will make you easily prone to diseases.

Here we have collected information about some asanas with simple steps to boost your immunity. So let’s have a look over the asanas along with the benefits of performing and contraindications taken while performing them :


Best Yoga pose to boost Immunity

This asana puts pressure on your digestive system and improves the flow of white cells in your body which enhances your immunity. People of early age believed that performing Trikonasana boosts the immunity speed to twice, So must follow the basic steps and do this with your family and loved ones so that their immunity can also be boosted.

Steps to perform Trikonasana :

STEP 1: Stand with your legs apart.

STEP 2:Raise the arms sideways up to your shoulder level.

STEP 3: Bend your trunk sideways and raise the right hand upwards and then touch the ground with the left hand behind the left foot.

After some time, do the same with the opposite arm in the same way.


Trikonasana has uncountable benefits but some of the most important benefits have been stated below-

1. Enhance blood circulation.

2. Helpful in losing excess fat around the waistline. 

3. Enhance mental and physical equilibrium.

4. Strengthens the leg, knees, arms, and chest.


1. Individuals having spondylosis should not perform this.

2. People suffering from diarrhea, low or high blood pressure, and migraines should avoid this. 


yoga pose to boost immunity

While performing this asana our chest gets to expand and stimulate the thymus which is helpful for our body to improve immunity level. 

Steps to perform Matsyasana :

Follow these basic steps to perform Matsyasana-

STEP 1: Firstly, sit in padmasana.

STEP 2: Lie down in supine position and make an arc to your behind.

STEP 3: hold your toes with the fingers of your hands. Stay in this position for a few seconds.

STEP 4: You must try to do this for more than 30 sec for the first day increase the time limit accordingly.


1. Best asana to get relief from asthma.

2. Cures defect of the eye.

3. Improves posture.

4. Relief tension in neck and shoulder.


1. If you are having neck and back injury avoid this asana.

2. People suffering from migraines and Blood pressure problems shouldn’t do it.

3. Pregnant women should avoid this asana.


Benefits of Bhujangasana

Here your body posture remains like the snake which releases white cell enhancing immunity.

Steps to perform Bhujangasana :

STEP 1: Lie down on your belly on the ground and then keep your hands near the shoulder.

STEP 2: Keep your legs close together by straightening up your arms slowly, raise the chest.

STEP 3: Your head should be backward. Keep this position for some time. Then relax your body slowly.

STEP 4: You must try to do this for more than 30 sec for the first day increase the time limit accordingly.


1. Provide strength.

2. Reduces obesity.

3. Remove the disease of the liver.

4. Improve blood circulation.


1. Pregnant women should not perform this.

2. Individuals suffering from a hernia, back injury, and head injury shouldn’t perform this.

Performing yoga will just not enhance your immunity it always reduces the stress everyone is facing due to this corona outbreak. So keep on doing yoga to boost your immunity and to provide your body physical and mental peace.



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