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As the name suggests, Birthi Fall is an enthralling waterfall situated en route Thal- Munsiyari route in Pithoragarh district of Uttarakhand. Birthi Fall paves a way to the most enchanting beauty of the hills i.e. the majestic Himalayas.

Birthi is located in Munsiyari about 2200 m above sea level. It remained an underrated travel hotspot but now, continues to attract many travelers from in and out of the country. It is a picture-perfect place for adventure hikers and nature lovers.

The natural beauty of the fall attracts many International and National Tourists.

How to reach Birthi Fall:

Birthi Fall Images, Things to do , Hotels

Birthi Falls is 33 km away from Munsiyari and 14 km from Tejam on the main Thal- Munsiyari route. You can also prefer a short trek of about 40 mins from Kalamuni Pass.
One can easily reach Birthi Fall by traveling to Pithoragarh, The distance between Birthi Fall and Pithoragarh is somewhat 96 Km

Nearest airport- Pantnagar, and Pithoragarh.

Nearest railway terminal- Kathgodam

Road network- Via Almora, Kathgodam, or Haldwani

Season to visit:

The ideal season to visit Birthi Falls is between September to June

Where to stay:

Birthi Fall Images Latest

You can easily find many hotels and lodges in and around Munsiyari.
The rates are quite budget-friendly and facilitated with electricity, running water and fooding.

Nearby places to visit Around Birthi Fall:

Birthi Fall Latest Images, Birthi fall.

Namik Glacier-

The origin of the Ram Ganga river and contains sulfur springs and waterfalls.

Milam Glacier-

Initiates in between Kohliand Trishul peaks. The origin of the Milam river which finally merges with the Pindari river.

Kalamunda Top-

An ancient Kali temple devoted to Naga God. The picturesque Panchachuli ranges can be easily spotted

Maheshwari Kund/ Meshar Kund-

According to Hindu mythology Yaksha a demi-god once cursed the Kund (lake) to remain dry throughout

Khaliya Top-

A meadow surrounded by ice- caps of Nanda Devi and Panchachuli ranges.
One of the popular treks also known for the rich wildlife

Panchachuli Peaks-

A group of five snow peaks
According to Mahabharata, the Pandavas cooked their last meal on their way to the heavenly abode
‘Chuli’ means chulha or cooking hearths


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