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A temple having thousands of bell hung, Millions faith that is Dunagiri Temple. A shrine devoted to Maa Durga located at a hilltop location one needs to climb more than 365 stairs to reach the temple. The Dorna hilltop serves a bird eye views of Someshwar and Dwarahat. The park around the temple attracts the children most and the flower valley sends positive vibes to the shrine.

Beautifull bells hung in the temple showing a wide view of Himalays alt C:\Users\suraj\Desktop\800px-Dunagiri_from_Kartik_Swami_Temple_20190826150945.jpg

Generally, people visit Dunagiri during Navrati, Shravan Maas, Chaitra, and Ashwini. A yearly fair is organized during the Navratis in which thousands of people come to visit this pilgrimage. The temple is fully decorated by flowers and Diyas and a special Pooja is held every evening of the Navratri which makes a spiritual atmosphere around the temple which provides relaxation to the mind and peace to the devotees.

The temperature here is very cold during winters and not so much hot during summers, People observe a heavy snowfall during every winter.Temples co building covered with snow during winter. An breath breaking moment for snowlover.C:\Users\suraj\Desktop\FB_IMG_1491868948413.jpg

Katuri ruler Dharmadev established the temple in 1318 AD and installed Maa Durga’s Struculpture. Lord Hanuman, the shrine of Shri Ganesh and Bhairav Ji are before the temple of Goddess. According to the article of Himalaya Gazeterian ET Edkikshan, the evidence of the temple is found in 1181 inscriptions.Those stairs which takes you to the God to complete your wishes C:\Users\suraj\Desktop\maa-dunagiri-mandir-almora-temples-kjckxf8f66.jpg

People believe that when Lord Hanuman was taking “Sanjivini Booti” a part of it fell here that’s why the temple is named after “Doonagiri” that Sanjivini Booti cured Lord Laxman’s wound when he was shot by a power crossbow-boult of Meghnath in Tretayug.

Despite other shrines, Dunagiri doesn’t support sacrifice or ” Bali Pratha ” even the little coconuts are not broken inside the temple area. Akhand Jyoti is a notable thing that you must see while visiting there. People also believed that during the time of Agyatvaas or rather say exile (In which the Pandavas used to hide from peoples they had to do this for 12 years if any once would see them their 12-year Agyatvaas would start again), Pandavas won the war and Draupadi worshiped of Maa Durga in the dunagiri temple to protect virtuousness. 

The shrine is described in many Puranas one if them is Manas Khand of Skanda Purana.

If you love trekking, snow, cold atmosphere, and want blessings of Goddess Durga you must visit Durnagiri the temple which will be the most remarkable trip for you.

How to Reach here

The main Temple which shows the beauty of the shrine covered with the beautiful canopy of forests.C:\Users\suraj\Desktop\maxresdefault (1).jpg"

The temple is well connected through roadways, the nearest railway station is at Kathgodam. Dunagiri shrine is located in Malla Surana, Dwarahat which is somewhat 15-16 km away from Dwarahat’s main market. You can reach Dwarahart Market by Local buses or governmental buses which directly comes to Dwarahat Market.

Hope the above-provided information helped you in finding the temple according to your need and sooner or later you must be visiting it.

Beside this trekking lover can visit PandavKholi which is few milometer  away from here where the Pandav’s stayed during their exile. We will be giving you information about PandavKholi in our upcoming article.



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