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Bageshwar a city full of joy, temples, and holy rivers that spread positive vibes throughout the city. These rivers and temples are very ancient temples as they are mentioned in Puranas which is a collection of ancient old Indian literature and tradition. Basgeshwar is surrounded by Bhileshwar and Nileshwar form east and west and Suraj Kund and Agni Kund surround from north and south respectively.The city serves a great view of holy rivers Saryu and Gomati which is known to be originated from the Himalayas, home of Lord Shiva.
The city Bageshwar gets its name from a temple Bagnath situated at the centermost of the city. This city is the best tourist place for nature lovers, photoholic peoples and trekkers will love the place most.
Bageshwar has a great history which finds it to be mentioned in Manaskhand of Shiva Purana. Historically Bageshwar was known as a part of the Kumaoni kingdom.



THE Nearest railway station is Kathgodam which is 154 km away from Bageshwar city but as soon as you reach Kathgodam several taxi drivers would approach you for dropping you to bageshwar. The shortest route is HALDWANI – BAGEHSWAR via Almora city. The route is very attractive you must find many more attractive places like Nainital, Bhimtal, Almora, and many more which will make you mind lighten. The beauty of Almora city is described in the previous article.
So pack your bags for the most astonishing and marvelous trip to bageshwar.
As soon as you reach bageshwar i”ll set up a plan for your trip so that you can explore more in less time.

Let’s start the trip with exploring the most beautiful temples in here-


Bagnath temple is an ancient synagogue staunch to Lord Shiva located at the centermost of the city on the verge of holy river Saryu and Gomati. The bells of different sizes hanging there show a great belief of people in Bagnath temple.
The Shiv of this temple is often called as “bagnath baba”. During the occasion of Shivratri, a large number of people come to get blessing upon them from that almighty power
of lord shiv.
Hindu legend Sage Markandeya worship Shiva here people believe that Shiva blessed Sage Markandeya by visiting him in a form of a tiger.Many people and books often state that Bagnath was built in the 7th century due to its design.
Moreover, this temple bagnath was mentioned in the Manaskhand of Shiva Purana which it states that the temple and it’s surrounding was built by
Chandeesh an apostle of Lord shiva.
This temple serves a great view of the rivers and bageshwar city.

let’s explore another temple of the great faith of people.

Chandika temple

This temple is located at the hilltop of the city or rather say serves as the head of the city. The shrine is devoted to Maa Chandika usually, called Kali.
This temple is somewhat 5 km away from the main city. This place is best suited for photoholic people as it serves a gigantic view of bageshwar which is remarkable and unforgettable. Several faithful people visit this temple every year during Navratri. Maa Chandika is said to be the goddess of the evil destroyer from the society and
maintains positivity in the city.

Let us traverse another temple of Lord Shiva

Nileshwar Mahadev

Nileshwar Mahadev is an extraordinary shrine devoted to Lord Shiva. This is somewhat 4 or 5 km away from the main city another hilltop temple that serves a gigantic view of bageshwar and surrounds bageshwar from the north side. Usually, A lot of people are seen here throughout the year but on the day of Shivratri, the temple is flooded with the faithful. It is the best place to click photos and a good place to relax and get peace.

Baijnath temple and Jhil

A small temple in the verge of the Gomati river, dedicated to Lord Shiva. The temple is considered to be one of the most ancient temples in the Uttarakhand. This temple is somewhat 20 km or less from the Bageshwar city.
An artificial lake is designed around the temple to enhance its beauty. People considered the temple to be built by the Katyuri Kings in around 1150 A.D.The most common belive of people for Baijnath is that this temple was built in one night.
This place provides a vast scenic area which is often loved by photoholic peoples.
Several tourists visit this temple during Mahashivratri due to the fair organized there.
Somewhat 4-5 km forward form Baijnath temple there is a temple dedicated to Maa Kali which Kot Bhramri temple, you must try to visit that temple also.

Besides, the temple let us discuss something adventures and extraordinary.

Trek to Pindari Glaciers

This place presents a huge and extensive view of Pindari Glaciers which is 3 km long and 365 meters wide one can feel the beauty by imagining the view too. Trekkers offer a six-day package for the tourist. Pindari is famous for ice climbing and mountain biking.
The Pindari river originates from the Pindari glaciers which meet Alkananda in Garhwal district. You must try the trip if you like adventure and trekking.

Let us talk about the most popular things throughout the city.
Starting with junk food which nowadays every one like a lot

Hotel Mangal

A 3 star facilitated hotel which is located at the centermost of the city. It offers a great variety of food and the most common is everyone’s loved dish momos.
You can enjoy your meal here for several days.

About market area

The market here is small as compared to other places but you can find everything that you want here. Beautiful area for shopping and exploring new things.

Best hotel for residence

KMVN TRH Bageshwar Dormitory

An ideal place to stay at for the people traveling in groups to Kausani. You can enjoy the home-like experience here. The rooms are kept hygienic keeping in mind the requirements of the guests. Parking for your vehicles is also available. A general store nearby where you can buy groceries for yourself. An ATM and a public Hospital are also located near.

Fairs organized

Utyarani Mela

Organized once in a year in which the city lights up with lights and in my opinion, it is the best time to visit bageshwar. This is organized in January every year.

Durga Mohtsav

– This is organized during Navratri the city feels positive vibes and Goddess Durga bless the whole city.

I hope the information helps you in exploring the city and made your trip remarkable.


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