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The Golden Temple or Darbar Sahib is commonly known as Harmandir Sahib which means “Abode of God” is the most popular shrine of Sikh religion located in Amritsar Punjab. The Golden temple serves a beautiful and loving place surrounded by the man-made pool. Usually, people from different places come to visit Golden temple and takes a bath in the pool because of the healing power of the water which gives mental strength to a person and heals his inner soul. In 1577 the Harmandir Sahib was completely built by the fourth Sikh Guru Ram Das.

The shrine is often called a Golden temple because of the gold foil covering in the temple which intensifies the design of the temple and attracts thousands of tourists every year. The golden temple has come out with different renovations it almost took five years to complete the first version of the temple.

The golden temple is mentioned in many historical events one of them is it became the center of the Singh Sabha movement between 1883 and 1920 and Punjabi Suba Movement between 1947 and 1966.

The shrine is so attractive during night time because of the reflection of the light on the poolside.


Sikh religion lies in the teaching of Guru Nanak and his successor, this religion teaches us equality between rich and poor either you are rich or poor you need to bow your head to Gurudawa which is best about this religion. 

The rich peoples here serve food to poor people every day more than that they wash their feet and plates which shows the equality between rich and poor. Usually, people in the Golden temple believe that serving food and giving shelter to poor peoples by sacrificing their owns daily requirements is a work of faith. People working for the golden temple also provide an area for residence for the tourist which is free of cost and well maintained by the Golden Temple committee.

This place will make you feel relax and the positivity of the shrine will light up your rest of life and purify your soul and make you feel energetic so you must visit this shrine with your family.

Nearby Places to Visit 

Wagah Border

The Wagah Border is an outpost between India and Pakistan which lies between Lahore and Amritsar. Wagah Border is somewhat 32 km away from Amritsar. Atari Railway station is near to Wagah Border. The Wagah Border ceremony is famous throughout the city. The Border gives a feeling of heroism and Nationality which makes it energetic to one.

Jallianwala Bagh War Memorial

A historical war memorial with much national importance located in Amritsar. The place owns 7 acres of land which provides a vast area for the museum and different historic things which provides a great knowledge about the Jallianwala Bagh Massacre. Jallianwala Bagh is within walking distance from Golden temple so you must try to visit there.

There are many more places that you must visit near the Golden temple.

How to Reach

Golden temple is well connected through every mode of transportation. The nearest airport is Sri Guru Ram Das Jee International Airport in Amritsar, located about 11 km away from the city center, which is well connected to other cities, so you can travel easily.

By Railways, The nearest railway station is Amritsar Railway Station which is located in the main city and is well connected to almost all major cities, whereas people can travel through their vehicles.

By Roadways There are bus services available that connect Amritsar with different cities which will help you to reach Amritsar easily.


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