IPL 2020 to be held in UAE Check the conditions applied

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One of the most-watched and played cricket leagues throughout the world is the Indian premier league which is not only the sport in India but the emotions of thousands of people who love cricket. When everyone is waiting for the league to come fastly BCCI has confirmed the venue where IPL would be played this year. Earlier the BCCI released the fixture out about the first match to be played between Mumbai Indian and Chennai Super King which were the last year finalist but due to the corona-virus pandemic the league is to be postponed. The new date and venue for the league are making the cricket lover curious about the game. We had collected all the latest information, fixture, and condition under which game is to be played. BCCI president Sourav Ganguly announced that IPL to be held in October and November in UAE. If the condition of pandemic slows down BCCI said they would approach the government for conducting the matches in India itself which will be again good news for all cricket lovers.

The board announced that until December no domestic cricket would take place not only domestic but no international matches likely to be played throughout the year in India.

Basic Information

There are three international grounds present in UAE in which IPL is likely to be played mentioned as Dubai International Stadium, Sheikh Zayed Stadium(Abu Dhabi), and Sharjah ground which is best suited for playing cricket matches. It is stated that BCCI would be renting the grounds from ICC for the training of the teams.The league must be played from 26 September as India has to play a four-match series with Australia starting with 3 December just after the IPL ends. Those 51 days are coming for people which they needed said, Saurav Ganguly.

Basic Condition and Format Under which game is to

be played –

IPL is played in the T-20 format from the very beginning, so there would be no change in the format of the game but due to Corona Pandemic players had to pass a corona test said Australian Government. If the player would be carrying a negative Corona test report then only he’s allowed to play the upcoming IPL. But a 14 days Quarantine is essential for the Indian players mentioned by the Australian government and BCCI. There is no overall chance to cancel the league but if Corona pandemic increases BCCI will have to take a quick reaction for the organization of IPL this year.

To make these matches more interesting this year two matches a day would be played, the day matches would be played regularly.

BCCI stated that the first match would be played according to the previous fixture that is Mumbai Indians and Chennai Super kings last year finalist. The game would be telecasted in all sports channels this year so that it can reach people directly. 

NOTE- The above-mentioned things may alter with the official statement of BCCI but currently the latest update is mentioned above. 


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