Katarmal| Sun Temple, Almora- Photos, Temperature, Information & More.

Katarmal Sun Temple Latest Images
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Katarmal Sun Temple Almora is one of the most ancient temples having vast aesthetic values and faith of peoples. Katarmal Sun temple at the height of 2116 above sea level and well connected by roadway.

People believe that the first rays of the Sun reach the temples of Katarmal early in the morning. Katarmal is a remote village located in Almora, Uttrakhand.

A Brief History Of Katarmal Sun Temple & Structure:

Katarmal Sun Temple Almora Latest Photos

The sun temple is popularly known as ‘DARADITYA’ facing east is one of the biggest and tallest temples of the famous Kumaon Region. The shrine was probably to be built by the Katarmal, The Medieval Kings of the Katyuri dynasty who ruled the central Himalayan region.

There are 45 miniatures shrines in different groups in Sun temple, clustering around the main the shrine seems to be constructed at different periods.

The main shrine is known as ‘TRIRATHA’ on the plain having a curvilinear Shikhara of Nagara Style with square Garbhaghiha, while the two Mandapas were added later on.

Sun Temple Hd Images

 Based on the study of architectural features suggest that the shrine was built around the 13th Century.

The shrine consists of curved wooden Doors which have been displayed in the gallery of National Musem in New Delhi. The Sun Temple is a protected monument of the Archaeological Survey.

Things You Must Love there :

Katarmal Photos
  • The cold breezing winds give peace which is very rare in today’s busy world.
  • The temple is located at 2116 height above Sea level from where you can see a bird’s eye view of Almora.
  • The temple consists of many historical things one can get vast information about history.
  • 2 Km away from Katamal you can visit the Kosi river which serves an astonishing river valley.

Hotels Nearby:

Katarmal is well connected with roadways but there is no hotels for staying under 2-3 km. You have to come to Kosi for staying there. You can get many hotels to stay in Kosi and can easily reach Katarmal in 10-20 min from there.

How to Reach Katarmal Sun Temple:

How to reach Katarmal Sun Temple

The nearest Railway station is at Kathogodam, Haldwani which is somewhat 108km away from Katarmal. 

The nearest airport is at Pantnagar 129 km away from Katarmal.

One can easily reach Kosi by Roadways Buses of Uttrakhand Government.

The nearest landmark is Kosi where you can get a good facility to stay if you need a better facility you can stay in Almora too.

Other Attractive Places Nearby:


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