Kosi Dam Almora : Kosi Barrage, Kosi River Valley, Hotel, Photos and More.

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Almora a city with joy and love has a newly built dam that you must visit as you come to Almora, The dam is built in a large area which is a reservoir of water, necessary for the future generation, The dam is built on the Kosi river. The river Kosi is originated from Dharpani Dhar and exits Uttrakhand in Ramnagar which covers a distance of 168 km overall. 

The river feeds many farmers of Someshwar town. Usually, people of Almora drink the water of the Kosi river. A dam is a barrier that stores or restricts the flow of water. These dams are built for providing water during water scarcity also provide water for irrigation, industrial activities, and many more.

Structure of the Dam

The Dam is built on the Barrages style in which the amount of water is can be regulated by opening the gate. A large gate is built along the dam which is also known as a water level regulator, these gate holds water load.

Tourism attraction center

The dam provides homes to several aquatic species which would seek the attention of tourists a lot. The dam is surrounded by a flawless forest and mountains which enhances the beauty of Dam. The people of the village come for fishing in the Kosi river which is a mode of income for the villagers.

The area serves a good view and the cold winds in the evening are the most loveable part of the Dam. Big investors can invest here to build some big resorts and farms and all because in the upcoming time the place will become a center of attraction to the tourists coming to Almora.


Benefits of the Dam to the Locals of Almora

The dams are generally built for many reasons but in Almora, the primary reason is water scarcity during summers and monsoon.

Following the are secondary benefits of the dam for the locals- 

  • During the monsoons, it provides control of the flood-like situation which helps the locals for farming and prevents loss of property and life.
  • The dams stores water for the whole city, moreover the water supply can help in industrial uses, municipal and agricultural needs of the locals.
  • The dam provides half of its water for the irrigation of crops for the locals.
  • The dam also provides employments for the villagers due to which several people feed their families there.

How to Reach Kosi Barrage

The Dam is built in Almora, Uttrakhand which is well connected through roadways. The dam is almost 20-25 ahead form Almora city, the nearest railway station is Kathgodam which is 82-85 km away from Almora city.
The nearest airport is at Pantnagar which is somewhat 116 to 120 km away from the Almora city, So you are advised to follow the shortest railways route so that you can reach early.


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