Top 20 Places to Visit in Almora in Summer 2021, Photos, Hotels & More.

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Uttrakhand, the word itself defines the beauty and integrity, a land of Kumaoni and Garhwali culture which is known for its immortal natural beauty and spirituality, though having diverse cultures people, here are united by a word called “PAHAD” which means hills. Many people called Uttrakhand as “DEV BHOOMI” which means land of gods due to countless Hindu temples. The folk “JHODA AND CHACHRI”, is popular thought the world.

Earlier it was known as Uttranchal but from “9 November 2000” itcame to known as Uttrakhand. It is mainly divided into two regions known as “Kumaon” and “Garhwal” so based on regions people are often called “Kumaoni and Garhwali”. The weather here is very cold in winter and not so much hot in summer. Uttrakhand is best known for pilgrimage places such as Badrinath, Kedarnath.
Haridwar,Jageshawar, Rishikesh last but not least Devpryag. Mostly people come to visit these places during summer seasons because of the weather condition in summer is so great that you might fall in love with these places. These places will let you know why Uttrakhand is known as heaven. There are many holy rivers too, such as Gangotri, Yamnotri, Ganga, Jamuna, and many more. The Himalayas here serve dawn for these rivers. These Himalayas are spiritually known  as the home of God “SHIV”.
Despite all these holy places, there are many more places in which you must plan a trip with your loved once. Let me take you to  the another pleasing, tempting, a place as known as Almora.
This place is heaven for everybody and the best acceptable for everyone’s trip.


The most common route for every tourist to come is the Almora-Haldwani route. The nearest railway station is at Kathgodam. The pincode for the city is 263601.
Many of you might be thinking of a flight facility but surely the answer is no. People may have problems traveling so long without any train or a flight, but once you reach Kathgodam railway station you may be getting a crowd of taxi drivers to drop you to Almora bus stand. The path is so attractive that you may fall in love with natural beauty. On the way to Almora, there are many lakes the most popular once are Nainital and Bhimtal. These places are the most charming part of the journey you must try to halt there but as soon as you reach Almora you’ll be experiencing immense pleasure and joy that will make you stress-free and relax. You will be entering Almora by Karbala which is starting  of the Almora border and end of Haldwani border

I’ll be giving you the best schedule and all the best parts of Almora in brief which will make your trip astonishing.
As in every religion, God is the first priority of men, So we will be starting our trip with visiting temples. The temperature here is very cold during winters and moderate during summers.

Temples you must visit

  • Chitai Golu Devta (Goljyu’s Temple)

This temple is somewhat nearly 8 to 9 km away from the Almora city.People often call Golu dev as” NYAY KO DEV” in Kumaoni which means God of Justice. The birthplace of Chitai Golu is known to be in Champawat, Uttrakhand. He was the brave son of king Katyuri King and Kalinka. Peoples in the Kumaon region have a great belief in him. Generally, it is said that Golu Dev used to travel through his white horse and give a solution to everyone’s problem and have a pure heart and simple lifestyle which influenced many people all over Uttarakhand.
Many people believe that Golu Dev still organizes his “NYAY KO DARBAR” which means place of justice where he used to give solutions to people’s problems, in “JAGAR” which is a form of worshiping God in Kumaon.
Every year thousands of people come to visit this temple because of his ultimate and almighty power of God.
People here used to tie a note on the walls of the temple with their wishes written in it so that the almighty power of God can help them make their wishes complete.There are many more temples inside Chitai Golu. Kalva Devta is considered as the brother of Golu Devta who is known as Bhairav Nath and many more temples of Mata Durga.
Usually, people believe that Golu Devta is impressed by offering
Milk, Ghee, Curd, Halwa-Poori. Earlier there was a regional belief of offering the heads of two male goats sacrificing their life to impress Golu Dev which was called “BALLI” in the common language here which means to sacrifice. But nowadays this “BALLI” is stopped under the “PETA act ” and considered as non-governmental which may cause a sentence to prison and may have to pay fine.
Golu dev is offered white clothes so many people offer him different kinds of white clothes to  get shower of his blessing.
There are many popular stories of Golu Dev which every Kumaoni must know.There is a small market where all the stuff which is necessary is easily available such as bells, lockets of Golu dev, and many more.
Books are also available of the origin of the temple and many stories Golu dev. Besides this, there is a number of good restaurants in which you can have your meal of the day. There are many more temples of Golu devta in other state.

I hope you like the temple and Golu dev will fulfill your wishes.

On to our journey to the next house of God is Nanda Devi temple Almora.

         Nanda Devi temple

This temple is in the middlemost part of Almora market. This temple is dedicated to Maa “Nanda and Sunanda” people often used to call them the goddess of “Evil Destroyer” which destroys all the evilness and bad things from society. Every year in September a Nanda Devi festival is organized here in the temple. People from different areas come to join the festival.

This temple is close to the main market so in the evening people usually spend their time there. People of Almora usually worship Maa Nanda and Sunanda a lot.

  • The next place and the best place to visit is ‘Kasar Devi’. 

Let’s explore more about this place.

Kasar Devi

This is the center of attraction for every tourist coming to Almora.

This temple is somewhat 18km away from the main city. This place attracts most of the people because of its location on the hilltop. The temple is surrounded by trees of Deodar and Pine. The top receives snowfall in Almora during winters.

This place not only gives a view of Almora city but also gives a wide view of Himalayas. This hilltop view gives the best photographic view from here. People often buy many resorts in this location for delighting their vacations.

Every year a fair is organized in November or December.

This temple is named after Goddess Kasar, that’s why it is called Kasar Devi. Generally, the temple is divided into two parts that are Kasar Devi and Lord Shiva.

Swami Vivekananda also visited here in the 1890s and he used to do meditation here because of the peace and stillness there.

Jageshwar Dham

It is nearly 36 or 40 km away from Almora city. The temperature in winters is very cold due to the presence of a large number of Deodar trees.

This temple is one of the most pilgrimage temples in the Hindu religion. There is a cluster if different kinds of temples in Jageshwar.This temple is dedicated to ”Lord SHIVA” often called Jageshwar Mahadev.

Every year in the month of Shravan Maah(mainly July and August) according to the Hindu calendar there is fair for the whole month in Jageshwar Dham and an annual fair on “Mahashivratria”.

This temple is having many more temples adjoining to it such as Dandeshwaer and many more.

A river view can also be observed there beside the temple.

The area of the temple almost up to 5-7 km.Many guest houses are available for tourists to halt for a few days. This place is overall very attractive and seeks a lot of attention from tourists coming to Uttarakhand.

  • Katarmal temple

This temple is 17 or 18 km away from the main Almora city. This temple is also at the hilltop of the Kosi river, one had to climb a height of 4 to 2 km for going to this temple because it is not connected to any mode of transportation.

This temple is dedicated to Sun and also known as Sun temple.

  • Gairar Golu Devta

This temple is dedicated to Golu dev. It is mentioned earlier a brief history about him.

This temple is situated nearly 35 km away from the main city and 12 km away from Chitai Golu dev. As earlier mentioned he is known as”God of Justice”, so many people come here to pray and get blessings due to which you can see thousands of bells hanging in there of different sizes.

There are many more temples inside this.

  • Gana Nath temple

This temple is 30 km away from Almora city, it is dedicated to Lord Shiva which is often called Gana Nath in the Kumaon region.

Beside temples there are many more thing s let’s explore them
  • Binsar top(Zero Point)

    If you are interested in trekking you must go to Binsar, this is almost 36 km away from the main city near Gairar temple it is a hilltop point often known as zero point. Best suited for people interested in adventures. This place trekker’s paradise.

    This is actually a forest sanctuary area with a dense canopy of trees and home for a number of plants and animals.It serves panoramic views of mountain peaks one can feel the pure air and a pollution-free environment here.

  • A checkpoint is set up in the entrance one must have to pay the charges for crossing that point.
On to our journey to Almora now I’ll be telling you the most popular things here.

Let’s talk about the most popular market area .

  •   Lala Bazar

Lala Bazar is one of the most popular parts of the Almora market, long and most crowded part of the market every time. Availability of everything from vegetables to junk food, mobiles to television makes the market so popular. The red-colored stairs in the market are very much popular.
Must try to go shopping for different kinds of stuff here.

The most popular hotels

  • The shikar hotel

This hotel serves a 3-star facility and situated 500 meters away from the bus stand. online booking is available 24*7. Good scenic view from the hotel room.

 The most popular street food corner 

  •  Pawwa food corner 

This is a small food stall that serves every kind of junk food.

In walking distance from the bus stand. People in the evening come here to have some junk food.

  • WOw kolkata

In walking distance from the bus stand, best popular for nonveg foods.

 Popular shopping malls 

  • Ragunath city mall

It is somewhat 1 or 2 km away from the main market. It contains cinema halls and different kinds of things are available inside. Best suited best shopaholic peoples.

 Last but not least the most popular thing in Almora is its sweets that is “Baal Mithai”. Buy some for you and some for your friends to gift them.
The most popular seller is “Khim Singh and Mohan Singh” 20 to 30 meters away from the bus stand.

I hope this page helps you in finding the best things in Almora and makes your trip the most remembered and loved ones. This is all about our town Almora.


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