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What if I told you that you can make thousands of memories in a simple place will you believe? I know it’s hard to believe but believe us we have shown a wonderful place which you were seeking for a long time to travel either with your family or with any loved ones, Have a look at the beautiful  place Dhokaney waterfall.

Our Dev Bhoomi Uttarakhand is very well known for its holy places, temples, lakes, and its beautiful nature. One such place is Dhokaney Water Fall.  The Waterfall is also known as Almora Waterfall, which serves a breath breaking view of Natures Valley in Almora waterfall.

Dhokaney Waterfall Description:

It is very famous for the beautiful waterfall between the pines. Every year many people visit it. It comes in the area of Nainital district, one of the best places for an outing during the summer season. It is not too deep and that is the reason that makes it safe and fit for every age group people. To make the place more comfortable for tourists, several hotels are opened there from where you can have a gigantic view of the fall which breath breaking for the nature lover.

Since it is located between the pines and not on the main road so it is not that crowded. It is 47 km away from Nainital on the way to Almora. It is mainly in Dhokaney village and the restaurants and hotels are on the main road. The waterfall is a beautiful creation of nature. This waterfall has a beautiful location i.e. between nature. It provides relaxation with its freshwater and air. It seems as if someone has painted it between the rocks. If you visit it then you will feel so relaxed as it feels like you are in the lap of nature. You can have tea and snacks also over there. So if you want fun and relaxation both then Dhokaney is the best place to visit.

Usually, people love to visit this place during summer due to the chilled water which directly comes from the forest. During the monsoon season, the water level increases from the regular level.

Earlier Dhokaney fall was not well known but since the government has decided to make it a tourist place it has been seen as a center of attraction for thousands of tourists every year. One has to pay a charge for entering the Dhokaney fall either big or small everyone has to pay 100 rupee for enjoying the valley which gives financial support to the workers who maintain the place. This trip will make the best memories with your loved ones you must this place if you are seeking to spend some time with loved ones and making your time remarkable.

How to Reach Dhokaney

Dhokaney is well connected through roadways so one can reach Dhokaney by their vehicles or taxis from Nainital which is 48 to 49 km away from the fall. One has to climb a hill during returning from the fall so you must be prepared for hill climbing as well so you must take some water for drinking as well.

The nearest railway station is Kathogam Railway station which is 70 km away from Dhokaney. You can reach Dhokaney from Almora too which is somewhat 20 to 25 km away. Almora is nearest to Dhokaney but while coming from plains you have to follow Nainital highway.

Things To do There:

  • Taking a Bath on the cold water.
  • Best Place to go with Family.
  • Enjoy natures Valley.
  • One can take beautiful pictures for there Instagram pages & all.
  • Best place to visit during summers.
  • Place to feel Relax in Natures Lap.


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