Best Place to Visit In Ranikhet in 2021, Things to do , Hotels Nearby & More.

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Ranikhet is situated in Uttrakhand. The beauty of Uttrakhand is predefined in our previous article tourism in Almora. Let’s get directly to the most interesting things in the Ranikhet. Ranikhet comes under Almora district and somewhat 40 km away from Almora.This place is best known for its cleanliness and tidiness and is a hill station. This city has KRC( Kumaon regiment ), Military hospitals, and headquarters of Naga regiment which is governed by the Indian government.

This place serves a wide hilltop view for the tourist and Much more alluring and deed places which will make you feel cheerful. Ranikhet becomes very cold in winter and a bit hot in summers. This place is filled with deodar forest due to which snowfall can be observed in winters.

Let’s get to know how to reach Ranikhet.

How to Reach Ranikhet

This place has good transportation through roadways. However, the nearest railway station is Kathgodam Railway station which somewhat 140 km from Ranikhet.
There is a short route from Khairna towards Ramgarh which will lead you directly to your destiny Ranikhet.

The nearest airline is at the Pantnagar Airport from where you have to come to Haldwani and get a taxi towards Ranikhet.
The route is very charming and adventures which make everybody feel the immortal natural valley of hills.

I’ll let you know about the best places to visit in Ranikhet which make your trip extraordinary and most remembered.I’ll be giving you the best scheduled plan for your trip.

Let’s get started with the most famous pilgrimage sites i.e. temples in Ranikhet.

Temples to Visit in Ranikhet:

Binsar Mahadev:

This temple is dedicated to Lord “SHIVA” at a distance of somewhat 40 to 46 Km away from the Ranikhet town.
The way serves a scenery view which is best suited for trekking lovers and photographers.
This place is often called “Swargashram Binsar Mahadev” which means a place where the “Hindus live away from society.

This place is fully covered by Deodar and Pine trees due to which soft blowing winds relax the mind and adds positiveness in the soul.
This place is home to many “Sadhus and Sants” which pray Lord Shiv every time. The beautiful surrounding will make you feel relaxed.

Haidakhan Temple:

This temple is somewhat 4.5km away from the main market. This temple is devoted to Lord “Shiva”. It is believed that this temple is put up by Shri Haidakhan Maharaj, who is believed to be an incarnation of Lord Shiva.
This place serves a panoramic view of The Himalayas which is the best part of this place.

Kali Temple:

This temple is somewhat 18 km from Ranikhet market. This temple is covered by dense forest and is at the top of the hill due to which we can see a wide and huge view of the Himalayas.
This place is highly crowded by peoples throughout the year due to great belief in “Maa kali”. This temple is devoted to “Maa kali” who is Hindu’s goddess also known as Goddess of energy who kills all the evils from the society and maintains peace.

She is considered as the wife of Lord Shiva.
Generally, people visit this temple throughout the year but during Navratri a huge mob of people can be seen, due to great belief in Maa kali.

Jhula Devi:

The major attractive place for tourist in Ranikhet is ” JHULA DEVI”.
This place is somewhat 5 to 6 km from the Ranikhet.
This temple is widespread for the countless bells that are suspended all over the temple.
Locals have a great belief in Jhula Devi as considered her as the protector of them from evils.People believe that Maa Jhula Devi bless all her worshipers and people normally tie a bell in the temple to get favor from Maa Jhula Devi.The positive vibes of the temples bring positivity to the life of people traveling there.

Let’s complete the journey to the temples, by moving to the following places which will make your trip astonishing and the most loved once.

Places to Visit In Ranikhet:

Golf Course:

One of the highest Golf course in Asia also known as the Ranikhet Golf course. The greenery all around the course is maintained by the Kumaon Regiments. This place seeks the major attention of tourists every year in Ranikhet.This course serves a gigantic view of the Himalayas, On the way to the Golf course best scenic view can be observed which is the most attractive part.

Let’s explore the best park for you in Ranikhet

Ashiyana Park:

The park is located in the center of the town. Best for children’s entertainment and relaxation. This is the best-themed park in Ranikhet Almora district.
Children usually get immense pleasure in this park because of different types of equipment for playing and enjoying.
This park asks for a small entry fee which is by the cantonment board of the Ranikhet.Park is usually governed by the Kumaon Regiment. Park’s theme is based on jungle design which makes it more astonishing and joyful.

Rani Jheel:

The beauty of Queen’s land is described by Rani Jheel. An artificial lake which was earlier set up for rainwater harvesting but later it became a lake which is now a jewel to Queen’s land and center of attraction for the tourist.

Boating makes this place more attractive and alluring, which helps in relaxing the mind. The size of the lake not so big so due to the small size only a couple of boats can travel in one time which charges 40 -50 rupees for half an hour.

Let’s explore something about Army situated in Ranikhet

The Kumaon Regiment Center Museum (KRC):

This is maintained by the Kumaon and Naga regiment situated in Ranikhet.
This museum contains all the information from the very first world war to up to date. It contains a wide range of equipment, war items, and dresses of brave soldiers who died for our nation during the world war.Most of the equipment is of the Kargil war which was fought between India and Pakistan. Thousands of brave soldiers name is written in the walls with their photographs.
One can get a lot of information about all the medals that are given during the wars.

This place gives a feeling of heroism and bravery and it is a place for a must-visit in Ranikhet.

So this is all about a Queen’s land in hills :Ranikhet


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