Basketball Game Info, Rules, Court, Ball size & Other Info

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Five players each opposing with one another on rectangular court millions of eyes are on the ball, the ball continues moving from one hand to another just one basket to secure the position, a proud moment for the nation yes I am notifying the adorable sport, a ball sport referred as basketball.A team sport that unites the souls and hands over the feeling of determination, leadership, and self-esteem.

Different Pointer Shorts:

Basketball is played in many formats it is the game of dribbling the ball with proper control on the hand over the ball which has to basket in the form of various shots named as layup shot, it is a shot at the three-point line, take two huge steps towards the hoop for scoring into the basket. Another shot is jump shot which has to make beyond the arc and take a jump to attempt basket against the team and many more shots are there like bank shot, hook shot and slam dunk.

Court’s Specification :

The rectangular playing surface consists of a basket ring at each ends in the center having a circle where only two players can enter at the time of tip-off the ball by the referee Also having a three-point line a shot converted beyond this line scores three points against the opposing team, there is also a low post area which is the closest area to the basket. Usually, the court 91.9feet long and 49.2 feet wide. The court consist of good flooring which is best suited for running that is maple flooring. Traditionally the name of the home team is printed in or around the court.The basket consists of a steel ring-type structure having 18 inches diameter.
The size of the ball is also regulated according to the use for men, the ball size given is 29.5 inches and 7 sizes in circumference and must weigh 623.69 grams whereas the size decreases for women which are 28.5 inches having 6 sizes in circumference weighing 567 grams.

FIBA World Cup:

Basketball was firstly played on 21 Dec 1891. Nowadays so many international teams and clubs compete for competitions at national or international levels.FIBA federation of international basketball association governs basketball at the international level, known as basketball World Cup for the senior’s men national team. FIBA was founded in 1950, Habitually, 32 teams participate in FIBA world cup. The most recent champion is Spain which has won its 2nd title USA and Yugoslavia having a winning title of 5 times each. NBA( National Basketball Association) which was founded on 6 June 1946 and 30 teams participate in it from which 29 teams are of the United States and one team of Canada in this, the most recent champion in Toronto raptors win 1st title and the most titles win by Boston Celtics at least 17 titles.

Top basketball leagues are:

TBL (The Basketball League)

The basketball league appreciates the only motto of “where the spirit of the games lives”. TBL is operating in North America with the participation of 12 teams and the most recent champion in Albany patroons in 2019.


Another one is the PBL premier basketball league founded in 2007 – 2017 and after this, this league is revived under new management for the 2020 season only 4 teams participating in it and the most recent champion is Rochester Razosharks in 2017.


The CBA Continental basketball association also refers to the Eastern Pennsylvania basketball league which was founded on 23 June 1946 but ceased on 1 June 2009. The last champion was Lawton Fort sill cavalry wins 3rd title and the most titles win by Allen Town jets wikes barre barons.


NBA G League was also known as national basketball development league NBDL but nowadays known as G league having the participation of 29 teams. This league was founded in 2001 and has a participation of North American continent. Most recent champions are Rio grande Valley vipers win their 3rd title. The league started with eight teams until the new commissioner David Stern announced to expand the league.

Basketball at summer Olympic:

Basketball governs by FIBA which also held the matches in the summer Olympic and the most successful country, The United States they won 15 tournaments out of 18 by the United States men’s team and the women’s team also won 8 tournaments out of the 10. After this country, Argentina is the only country that is successful in both the teams of men and women.


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