Tadasana : A best Yoga pose for beginners

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Firstly we must be clear of what yoga is? Everyone now and then says practice yoga to get an effective concentration power and mental health. This a short brief benefit of Yoga, it helps a man in every aspect and provides an eternal glow in the face and the body of the performer which is must be required by one in this century. Yoga is a group of physical, mental, and spiritual practices which is originated from ancient India.


So Yoga has countless benefits which you must try to do and get them. We”ll tell you the Asanas which can be done easily and have a large number of benefits. 

Have a look at the best Yoga Asanas and try to do the same as possible.

1. Tadasana (Mountain Pose)

Tadasana is standing still pose which is need to be done in the early morning this poses teaches one to stand still like a mountain as Taad means mountain and Asana means pose.


Stand still with the toes touching to the floor with your weight directed towards the floor, both the feet must be parallel to each other so that the weight can easily be directed downward.


Cross your palm and push the hands downward with pushing all your weight in ankles, remember that you must resist the lifting of the lower belly. Turn your upper thighs slightly inwards.


Continuing step 2 stretches the arm upside above your head with crossed pam so that you can stretch your body upside. Take deep breathes, while inhaling you will be feeling that the air is transmitted throughout your body. 


Try to balance your body in the above step and slightly lower your hands and chest with releasing all the weight downwards again. Then lower the ankle and make sure your toes must touch to the floor.

Try to stay in the pose for more than 30 seconds to get a proper benefit of the Asana.

Repeat all the steps several times usually, in the morning. People do try these Asanas by focusing on a single point so that their focusing power can be increased.

Benefits of Tadasana ( Mountain Pose )

Tadasana has countless benefits that may help you to be fit and healthy. Some of the basic benefits are listed below one must keep these in mind. 

  •  It helps to improve body posture.
  • The Asanas help to strengthen the thighs, knees, and ankles.
  • It reduces the condition of flat feet.
  •  It helps to increase height. 
  • Tadasana helps to improve the nervous system of the body.
  • It may help to reduce stress.

Alterations in the Above steps 

One can stretch their arm in all perpendicular direction, upward direction, and parallel to the floor and practice the Asanas many times so that it may give you countless benefits. The normal steps can be altered but one must keep the basic steps in mind.

Caution for beginner

Usually, beginners are full of energy so they must prevent their energy and try to do these asanas routine wise so that one can be far away from cramp and body pain on the very first day. The Asanas must be practiced slowly-slowly to resist cramps.

Hope you can easily learn this pose and making a regular practice so that you can be fit. We’ll be uploading more Yoga Asanas sooner to keep you fit. So stay tuned for more Yoga Asanas.


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