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Are you planning a trip for summers in Uttrakhand? Have a look at the city of lakes which will make your trip affectionate and value trip for your money, Nainital a city of lakes which is located in Uttrakhand. Nainital is the Judicial capital of Uttrakhand because the high court is situated in Nainital.

The Naini lakes along with many more lakes have given the city name as The City of Lake, if you want to do boating or want some fashionable clothes then visit Nainital.

How To Reach Nainital

Nainital city is well connected through roadways, no train and airline facilities are available to reach Nainital. The nearest railway station is Kathgodam which is situated in Haldwani somewhat 30 to 35 km away from there. The route serves a forest view which homes to many wild animals, So it is advised to visit in day time more. As air connectivity, the nearest airport is located in Pantnagar which is somewhat 65 to 68 km away from the city.The shortest route is through Kathgodam which is advised and more frequently used by tourists.
Now i”ll be telling you the best schedule for your trip so that you can explore more in less time

Have a look things to do in Nainital,Starting with

Best hotel to stay :

The Manu Maharani

Manu Maharani is within walking distance from mall road, luxurious with the best food services. Stylish surrounding with a panoramic view of Naini lake which enhances its beauty. Free parking facilities are also available. Room services available, free WiFi which is most which are most necessary nowadays.

The temples you must visit:

Neem Karoli Baba (Kainchi Dham)

Baba was known to be born in 1900c as Lakshmi Narayan Sharma but later on, he came to be known with different names in different cities because of his great powers. The ashram is surrounded by Hanuman’s temple one can feel the power of strength and positivity in and around the temple. In the late 70s once Steve Jobs (Ex CO of apple ) came and meditated here.

Kainchi Dham is located 18 km away from the Nainital city, this Ashram came into existence in 1942 by Neem Karoli Baba and Shri Poornanand of Kainchi village. A yearly fair is organized on 15 June, thousands of people come to visit Kainichi Dham on the following day
This place is very well maintained and serves a good river view which is surrounded by trees and mountains. Several people visit Kainchi Dham every day.

Naina Devi

A well-known shrine located at the centermost of the city, which is devoted to Goddess Durga. The Naina word indicates the eyes of Goddess Durga.
This shrine is within walking distance from the Nainital city which serves a gigantic and panoramic view of Naini lake.

The goddess here is represented by her two eyes which are the most attention-seeking part of this temple, Several people visit Naina Devi every day due to great faith on them. A yearly fair is organized on Nanda Asthami, Thousand of people come to visit Naina Devi during Nanda Asthami.

Let’s explore something for shopping in the city:
The overall market is very beautiful and everything is available there but the most attractive part is the Tibetan Market.

Tibetan Market

A short market but everything must be available as per your needs which is also known as Bhotia Market, located at the center of the city, According to Nainital’s weather condition, there is a great variety of winter wear available, Shawls, Mufflers, Sweaters, jackets and all.

Thupka and momos are the most attractive part because of their delicious taste.

Places to Visit In Nainital:

Eco Cave Garden

A garden which is interconnected with several caves is a newly built tourist spot in Nainital which is seeking more attention of tourist nowadays.
This garden is 4 to 5 km away from the city, a lovable place for children, exploring cave gardens almost takes 2 to 3 hours with an entry fee which you have to pay and have a discount on children’s entry fee.

Some of the caves are

  • Tiger cave
  • Panther cave
  • Bats cave

Naini Lake

Naini lake is a freshwater lake which is situated in the center-most of the city. Naini lake was accidentally discovered by a British Businessman in 1839 by P.Barron. The still water of Naini lake covers a perimeter of 4,698 ft. and a max-width of 1,499 ft. which seeks the large attention of tourists every year. People here usually spend time in boating because The Nainital Boating club provides a variety of boats that can make your boat trip more lovable.

The Mall road located at the bank of the Naini lake offers the tourist for shopping a variety of things.

Trekking Place in Nainital:

Tiffin top

A popular picnic spot which is somewhat 4 to 5 km away from the main city, from tiffin top you can have a gigantic view of Nainital, people generally go for lunch. Tiffin’s top also serves a good view of different Kumaon region hills. Best place for photoholic peoples and a good place for spending time with your loved ones.

Nainital Zoo:

Nainital Zoo

Home for several species of animals is kept here, an attractive place for wildlife lovers which covers an area of 4.693 Hectares.
Nainital Zoo is somewhat 2 to 4 km from the Tallital bus station.

Some of the attention-seeking animals in this Zoo are:

  • Himalayan Black Deer, Himalayan Civet
  • Leopard, Steppe Eagle, Hill Par tide, White Monkey
  • Royal Bengal tiger
  • Japanese Macaque
    There are many more things for enjoyment, children can enjoy the overall Zoo tour.
    Zoo serves a birds-eye view of Nainital which is the most lovable part of the journey.

I hope this article helped you in exploring Nainital and our efforts helped you in making your trip astonishing.


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